Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Brook Does Podcasting

I have been playing around recently with the podcasting feature in iTunes 4.9 and I am hooked. Still trying to keep the number of subscribed casts down (currently at seventeen), but at the mo the best podcasts I have found are:

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code (iTunes Link)
Adam Curry is one of the founding fathers of Podcasting and his (mostly) daily show is filled with lots of podcasting related content and lots of random music tracks.

Slice of SciFi (iTunes Link)
I am a huge scifi fan and almost anything scifi related is a sure hit with me, but slice of scifi is a great chat show about all things scifi and they even get some great interviews to boot (last episode has Bruce Campbell).

The Dawn And Drew Show (iTunes Link)
It's just a conversation between a husband and wife. Is what is says on the frontpage and I couldn't say it better myself, but mega funny.

The Rock and Roll Geek Show (iTunes Link)
Extreme rock geek show. The guy talks for hours about people I have never heard of.