Tuesday, July 26, 2005

iWar Media Depiction

Opinions change overtime and one of the opinions I had as a young child was that Journalists should always investigate and report the truths of all sides of an argument.

I now realise, that isn't possible because if both sides of a dispute are open to dialogue and debate then there is almost never a dispute to report and sometimes reporting the wrong side of a story can have a very adverse effect.

Anyway Madge over at Yeast Radio is hosting a Video (MOV) with Amy Goodman from Democracy Now talking about the state of the American media in relation to the invasion of Iraq. Effectively her points are that the US media is branding the war as "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and selling it to the American people as a noble fight. And while innocent civilians are killed by crossfire, CNN news shows romantic pictures of soldiers walking against sunsets.

If you think the war is a good thing then you should watch this video because you are an ignorant fool for thinking that any war can be good.

One of the comments to the video on Madge's website is this:
SpecialDelivery Mark Says:

July 24th, 2005 at 8:58 pm
I tried watching this, but about 4 minutes in, when she was asking “where are the pictures of the casualties?”….my head was about to explode….I’ve been asking the same question….where are the pictures of the casualties of 9/11, pictures of ppl jumping to their deaths out of the towers, pictures of the casualties of the London bombings….guess she’s only asking for pics of “other” casualties…I had to turn it off.
If somebody commits murder they must be faced with the consequences. The US troops are killing people in the name of the American people and the flag of America, everybody under that flag must be confronted with the consequences of their troops actions because they are the ones that sent them there to do what they are doing. I am sorry if that makes Americans feel uncomfortable, but innocent people are being killed and pretending that it isn't happening, isn't going to make it stop. On the point of 9/11 when it comes to seeing pictures of people jumping out of towers, that should not be shown on media because it is needlessly disturbing and disrespectful to the dead.