Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thinking of Something to Post

Recently I have been struggling to post anything. Mainly because I have just been sleeping until noon and doing life stuff. I want to start getting up earlier because I get more done that way so after posing this I am going bed instead of starting up MSN, starting up a multiplayer match or going through any of my feed subscriptions. Normally to post something when there isn't anything new I would go through my draft posts, but I am just not in the mood right now.

I bought a book on C yesterday, so I can take a look at the language and build a few apps that display how poor the language is compared to todays managed code languages. The book I have bought is C Programming in Easy Steps (184078203X) purely because it is the only book on C that I could find. Most people want to learn C++ because that is what the games industry uses, but I am having a go at C because it should be easier to learn, as I don't want to take it up as my main language.

On DVD today I received Cradle 2 Grave and Big Fish. I haven't watched either yet, but I love Jet-Li and Big Fish has a good rating so I should like both.

One of the things I have been meaning to post about for a while is 4 Color Rebellion which is a blog dedicated to Nintendo and Nintendo related stuff, and it is a great blog. Recently 4 Color posted about Mario Chat-up Lines, the NES Pad Belt Buckle (just like the one captain N wore) and the shigeru Miyamoto tshirt. I love 4 Color's postings and there aren't many blogs where I eagerly wait for new posts, but 4 Color is one of them.

EDIT: Haven't gone bed, watching The Brothel on BBC3.