Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Hot Day

It has been another hot day and I keep looking at the temperature of my GeForce6, after spending the last half an hour on FreeCell it is still reading 62C. Where as the system temperature is doing great at just below 40C.

I had a go at learning how to play FreeCell, and it isn't as easy as Spider Solitaire.

And yesterday I started watching an Anime called Great Teacher Onizuka and it isn't the nicest looking Anime, but it got a 9.3 on AnimeNfo which is the IMDB of Animes. So I gave it a go and I am only on the second episode, but it is growing on my faster than a drunken whore. It is about an ex-bike-gang-leader who wants to become a teacher. His only motive is that being a teacher he can look at cute girls all day, but he only knows how to fight, so a lot of his classroom methods are very unorthodox.