Friday, May 06, 2005

An Update

I really don't know what to say right now and since this is my sixth attempt at writing a post, I will just link to some stuff.

32Bit Gaming Vs 64Bit Gaming
[H]ard|OCP have benchmarked the difference between running games on a 32Bit system and a 64Bit system.

Frankly this article is a wast-of-time because the numbers 32 and 64 refers to the memory address length that they use. So a piece of data on a 32Bit system will have a memmory address 32Bits long, and a piece of data on a 64Bit system will have a memmory address 64Bits long. What this means is that a 32Bit system can only allocate 4GB worth of data and a 64Bit system can allocate more than tripple that, but that is effectively the only difference. So theoretically there should be zero performance difference and a 64Bit processor is a complete, and utter, wast-of-cash unless you are going build a system with more than 4GB of RAM.

New XBox360 Controller Picture
Thisone has a cable, but if you compare the design to the SNES controller it does actually look familiar.

Unreal Tournament 2007
1UP has an article on the next UT game.