Friday, April 29, 2005

Kid Changes New Loony Tunes Characters

This Kid (Who is going to damage his eyes if he sits that close to his monitor for too long) started an online petition against the new Loony Tunes characters that I last talked about In March and he has successfully perswaded Warner Brothers to produce some new redrawn characters with softer edges for the series.

My problem with this is that nobody gave the new characters a chance, I mean the series hasn't even been launched yet. Personally I refuse to form an opinion of something until I have fully experienced it. So I can safely say that I hate Lord Of The Rings, I hate spectating at F1 Races and Collyflower & Cheese is a crap combination, but there are plenty of things that seem like a bad idea, but when you actually try them they are great, like Nintendo's N64 controller, films with subtitles or even the new Battlestar Galactica series. So although the article paints the kid as a hero, I think he is just being ignorant.