Sunday, March 13, 2005

Loony Tunes Makeover

Resources: The Flash, The MOV File and the MSBC Article (with a video link to the news broadcast).

Warner Brother's says that it's an updated set of new characters descended from the original Loony Tunes characters, set in the future as crime fighters that will appeal to todays new technology and anime focused kids.

Initially I didn't mind the look of the new characters when I first seen them. They remind me of the reimaged batman they did a few years ago, that was very dark (not cool, just dark). Plus the crime fighting thing reminds me of the Power Puff Girls or even the Teen Titans. And after realising that, I know WB are really following what everybody else is doing instead of innovating something niche (niche marketed that is).

But to say this is Anime focused disgusts me. Maybe it has a fleeting resemblance to such crap as Battle Of The Planets, but nothing more. When I look at this I just see WB trying to claw a new series out of a classic, without effecting people's perception of the original. Kids will watch it if it is on, but i don't think they will be replacing their Power Puff lunchboxes anytime soon.