Monday, March 21, 2005

XBox Vs PS2 Vs GC

I haven't actually commented on the current console war yet, but I think the winner is the XBox.

My reasoning is that if you have all three consoles and you buy a copy of Time Splitters Future Perfect, you will be buying it for the XBox because it has the best graphics and the best online support. The GC version doesn't have Dolby or Online and the PS2 version doesn't look as good as the other versions and is going to have the longer load times. Plus on the XBox you don't have to worry about memory space for the levels you create and it supports upto sixteen player multiplayer instead of only eight on the PS2.

If the GC had better thirdparty support and Nintendo was committed to pushing the capabilities of it's own hardware more often then it would have done better. And I think the PS2 has peaked, but that is because of the Sony branding, not the hardware.

EDIT: Added Comparison Table
EDIT: Updated Game Cube sound compatability info, blame Bill if it's wrong.

-16 Player Multiplayer
-5.1 Dolby Digital
-No Wide Screen Progressive, but has something the IGN Video Review referred to as 40P!?

-8 Player Multiplayer
-Dolby Pro Logic
-Wide Screen Progressive

Game Cube
-4 Player Offline Multiplayer
-Dolby Pro Logic II
-Wide Screen Progressive