Thursday, March 03, 2005

Connection Down (well it was)

In an attempt to get Google to list my site more I am going to cover some deeper technical stuff occasionally that aren't usually found on websites, like this little incident today.

Got home, turned on monitor, found computer disconnected (happens occasionally), restarted and then I was unable to reconnect! At this point I knew something was wrong.

I kept clicking connect, but I would immediately get disconnected. Then Microsoft AntiSpyware poped-up and said something about the LSP (Layered Service Provider) which allows programs like Anti-viruses to have a higher custom level to network access.

So I phoned Wanadoo and the guy said it was my phone extension cable.
So I phoned again to try and get someone half competent and got a guy who knew what I was talking about.

He basically got me to reset the LSP settings by typing
'netsh nt ip resetc:/resetlog.txt'
at the Run screen.

I then restarted and all is fine now. So I give Wanadoo technical 4/5 for getting it right the second time and not making me wait either time I phoned (I stick to ISPs with good technical support even though it costs me more).

I don't know what caused the LSP error or corruption, but I am currently scanning for Spyware and afterwords I will do a full virus scan, but I know I won't find anything.