Friday, February 04, 2005

Playboy The Mansion

Continuing from my post on Gay Gamers, Playboy The Mansion is not a gay gamer friendly game. You play as Hef and although you can have relationships with girls, the option is completely muted for the boys. Making it is impossible to play as a gay Hef and ultimately ignores gay gamers and forces them to play as a straight character.

I know Hef is straight in real life and I know it could cause a little controversy to have Hef sleeping with guys, but the developers could have done somekind of workaround surly. I mean what about girl gamers, they are forced to play the opposite sex and they might not want to.

I am probably reading too much into this because the game plays as an historical documentary on the history of the magazine, but I would love to see more gay friendly games, so common developers get the rainbow flag out and sniff a few poppers (note i do not condone or indorce the use of mind altering chemicals and/or drugs).