Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nintendo Comments On Revolution And E3

E3 will be the starting point for the Revolution. [We haven't decided] whether we will show the real machine, videos, or unveil the concept. ... We want to receive some level of evaluation, but releasing too much information is also another issue. We don't have the slightest intention of making a machine that follows the same path as conventional game hardware. Right now, we are thinking of how we can accurately convey to people at E3 the different path that the Revolution will take and how it will change the way that games will be enjoyed.
As my dear Grandmother used to say (well she still does) "Stop playing silly buggers".

Yep Nintendo should quit pissing about and actually do something that makes everybody take them seriously. Hmmmm, but if only there was an upcoming trade show to do that... Well if they could steal the show when they are up against not competing, but displaying alongside the XBox2 and PS3 then they would certainly shift a couple more units and probably secure their future.