Wednesday, January 12, 2005

New Apple Products Announced

The new hardware is the iPod Shuttle which is the cheapest and smallest iPod design yet. Which uses flash memory to store audio instead of a hard drive, so it will probably last longer (as a functional product before it wares-out). I am not sure it's worth the cash because iPods have become a status symbol, so you can probably get something from Creative (for example) that is far better, and cheaper.

The other piece of hardware is the Mac mini and it is just that. A small, cheap Mac, that is sold without a monitor (to make it even cheaper).

The new software they have announced, consists of iLife, a media editing package for creating movies, editing photos, mixing music and then software so you can burn it all to DVD with custom menu.
I can see this working well for people who want to go on holiday and produce a DVD to remember it by, or maybe someone wanting to promote an idea or product (possibly for an internal demonstration to be sent to managers).

And the second bit of software is iWorks. Which is a presentation and interactive document maker. So basically Apple made versions of Word and PowerPoint.