Saturday, January 01, 2005

2004 Awards List

Here is my list of what I considered to be the best of 2004. I have had this text on my desktop for a few months now, and I think its time to post it.

    === Films ===

  • Best Film Of The Year
    The Incredibles
    An excellent example of everything that is right about films.

  • Worst Film Of The Year
    Another film with big battles! The story was dull, the pacing was all wrong and every opportunity for something good to happen like some cool dialogue was missed and/or spoiled.

    === Gaming ===

  • Developer Of The year
    John Carmack
    For his spectacular rocket tests in his now failed attempt to win the XPrise. Doom3 was a great game, even if the critics where a little bit more than just picky. And congratulations to him on the birth of his Son.

  • Best UT2004 Map
    ONS ToonCountry
    There are a few level errors when you can fall thought the floor, but it plays tight and looks stunning.

  • The Game That Most Deserves An Expansion Pack
    Half Life 2
    To fill in all the plot gaps.

  • Game Of The Year
    The Sims 2
    I had been debating for weeks wither to give this one to either Half Life 2 or Doom 3, but both of those are simply-just-another-FPSs.
    I hated the original Sims and when I started playing The Sims 2 I was fully expecting to hate this one too, but I didn't.
    The games premis is simple, you provide the input to the play experience and the game returns. You work with the desires and motives of your sims and you all seem to play together. It's one of the most rewarding gameplay experiences I have had in the last three years.
    Successful mastery of the game don't make you realise the limitations of the game, unlike others (C&C Generals), instead it rewards you with an expanding community that you get to develop further. I mean it's one thing to play with one family for a few days, but to have instigated the creation of three generations of Sims and to have watched them grow-up is something special.

  • Best Use of License
    The Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay
    Not just a crappy game made from another franchise, but a whole new something in its own right and actually expands on the originating licence in a positive way by creating a stunning FPS.

  • Best Newcomer Of The Year (best completely new and original franchise)
    Evil Genius
    I really want to see some more from the franchise because it has so much potential.

  • Most Impressive Mod
    New Floor Tiles For The Sims 2

    === Other ===

  • Most Historical Event Of 2004
    X1 Winning The XPrize

  • Best Anime OF The Year
    Fill Metal Alchemist