Wednesday, December 01, 2004

World AIDS Day

I kind of missed this one in that I couldn't find anywhere that was selling the red ribbons.

So to try and makeup for it, I make this post and spread the word of safe sex.
  • HIV can be contracted through breast milk, vaginal juices, cum, pre-cum and blood.

  • There is evidence to suggest that you can become infected through oral sex, but this is through cuts and saws inside the mouth. Most people have these from time to time and don't know about them.

  • Anal sex is the most dangerous of all sexual activities for contracting HIV, but HIV can be transfered both ways, even through traditional forms of sex.

  • Just because someone has had a HIV test recently don't mean that they aren't infected. It just means that they haven't contracted HIV before three months previously (this is why HIV is so perversive).

  • HIV attacks the immune system and once the immune system is sufficiently weakened the individual is said to have AIDS and that is what eventually kills the individual (not having an immune system).

  • AIDS is increasing at a Sacy Rate.
Condoms work, use them.