Thursday, December 02, 2004

An Eventful Day

Group Project
I have a group project to participate in for Innovation And Technology where we are given a case study of a ceramics company and we have to do a presentation giving ideas on innovations that will save the company (five team members equals five slides).

Yesterday when I went in for our first team meeting, half the guys hadn't read the case study and when I suggested that they read it, they said the needed to go away and ponder its complexity (the case study is very vague to give us more freedom).

So they wanted me to go in again today and I refused because we didn't get anything done yesterday. I suppose you could say I was letting the group down by not going in, but apart from us still not having a full group if I had of attended, and the fact that we could have sorted this all out yesterday, but didn't. I needed someway of highlighting the culture of slackness inside the group. Hence my mini protest. I just hope they decided on an overall strategy because I had already told them everything I could think of. My ideas range from a new innovative product, to offering a quality assurance mark to other companies (the company has a big R&D department) they liked that one, but another group is doing it so we would have to present it very differently.

I watched The Life of David Gale today and it is certainly an underrated film. Plenty of character development and its one of the few films about an unjust legal system that I have liked. The only other one I can think of right now is To Kill a Mockingbird

Most films in this genre are boring, but The Life Of David Gale has a lot of character development and a few things going on at the same time that are related to the plot, so it held my interest all the way through.

Christmas Present For Mum
I still have no idea what to get my Mum for Christmas. She has asked me from time to time if I have any good films on VHS (she doesn't have a DVD player yet), so I could buy her either a DVD player or maybe some good films on VHS. I mean she still hasn't seen Monsters Inc or even knows what it is when I mention it to her, so selecting a few films for her wouldn't be difficult. Currently I am toying with Monsters Inc, Phone Booth, Gattaca and The Life of David Gale which I seen today, but I don't know. Guessing someones film tastes can be dangerous.

My Dad for-instance just likes to see stuff on screen, doesn't seem to mind about plot or character development at all. I mean he liked Troy (I hated it).

I got asked out to dinner by a friend and that was with the rest of his Law class.
We as a Computer Science class have done things as a group before, but never have we ever even discussed going to an Italian restraint and actually inviting some lecturers along. Great fun though.
Hope to be seeing a lot more of my friend.

Car Ran Out Of Fuel
On the way home from my date my car ran out of fuel. The fuel gauge doesn't work, so there is now way of knowing if the tank is full or empty! Dad came and bailed me out with a can of fuel, so all is well.