Thursday, November 04, 2004

PSP's Official Battery Life, Confirmed As Bloated

Apparently someone at Sony is admitting that the PSP will only do about two hours before it needs it's battery changing.

That sounds bad and it is because I play games four to eight hours at a time. So something like this would infuriate me immensely.

When people where saying they couldn't imagine people using one on the bus, I assumed that would be because we are all used to seeing the Game Boy, not because of a technical limitation, but the best bit is this:
However, he stopped short of saying that the company plans to upgrade the battery technology in future revisions of the PSP, instead focusing on the possibility that developers will find ways to optimise their games to use the battery life more efficiently.
lol, and pigs fly!
Maybe some of the smaller developers and EA will, but common!