Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Looks Like Bush Won

So what happens now.
  • Bush will air-bomb cities in Iraq claiming that they where filled with militants.
  • Bush will dispatch his personal army to Iran.
  • Stem-cell research will be banned in America. And I don't think they understand the potential for this research. They must just be thinking of the unborn kids, but there are other places to get stem cells now so the issue should be over, but it's not.
  • Same sex marriages will become illegal and so lots of people's marital unions will be declared as unlawful (land of the free my ass).
  • The American economy will get into an even worse state than it is already in now because of the cost of war and the continuing poor management (that's good for me because it's now cheaper for me to import books from than
  • Aids will continue to boom because of the lack of Condom and safe sex promotion in schools (the US will become a nation of barebacking HIV carrying idiots because people enjoy sex too much and it's not accepted to use a Condom).
  • Unemployment will continue to rise.
  • The average hourly wage in America will continue to fall.
  • The US pharmaceutical industry will get richer because of the closed market they control and will be forced to develop new stem-cell benefited research outside of the US.
In the past four years I can't think of a single thing Bush has done right. Maybe attacking Afghanistan, but even that's debatable.