Wednesday, September 22, 2004

When It Rains It Pours

Funny kind of day.

  • I finally have my 1Mbps connection. Which I ordered on the 6th.

  • I have my new watch which my Mum bought me for my birthday. Also ordered about the 6th.

  • Fund a carpark in Leicester that does all day parking for £2.50, but closes at 6pm so I am more likely to use that one on Dover st that charges £3.70 because I can park there all day and get my car whenever I want. Although the cheapest option for getting to Leicester in the car is still the Park And Ride at £1.50!

  • Phoned up Adam to see if him and Chris where doing anything since they have just moved into residence for uni. And they are going out someplace later. AND THEY DIDN'T INVITE ME! How rude! I was only across the road at the time.

  • Also got through to the Student Loans Company and they said my application had been stalled because the name of my course on the UCAS database and the name I had given was different. On UCAS it's 'Business Information Technology,' but when I was filling the form out I phoned uni to asked what the name of my course was (they actually laughed at me over the phone), but that was confirmed as 'Business Information Technology And Computing.' Plus I confirmed the UCAS code with them. So it's UCAS and their stupid database that's wrong, or the person who gave UCAS the wrong course title. Either way I did my best and still messed up the form!

    So an eventful day, and right now I am just going to relax while I see if I have 512Kbps upload or like NTL with their 1Mbps service 256Kbps upload.