Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hell Uni And Back

So I had my introduction day, today and frankly I am appalled. Nobody knows what the course title is and everytime I ask I get a different answer. I might get into Artificial Intelligence IF I' am lucky. And whoever I talk to is in no authority to do anything about anything. So I just have to hold onto my student card and pray everything is ok.

I never got sent a 'welcome to the course' letter so actually I am not even sure if I am actually on the course, but there was a timetable left attached to my student card at the student support center. Although that has written on it:

The following 1 module has no timetabled activities: COMP2007/y

What does THAT mean!?
It's not AI because that's CSCI2412, but that's the one that's not on my timetable! So have they signed me upto the wrong module or do I have the wrong timetable!?