Saturday, September 03, 2011

George Did It AGAIN!

I have mostly been on the fence about some of the changes George Lucas has made to Star Wars over the years. Some I have liked like the removal of the black boarders around some of the special effects and the updated Wampa Feading Scene. And others I am very much on the fence about like the updated Sarlacc Pit. However now with the BluRay Release Of Star Wars, Lucas is adding some extra dialogue to the scene where Darth Vader kills Emperor Palatine. This scene was perfect before, the silent defiance was all that was needed, but now Lucas has Darth Vader saying "No!"

There has been some leaked audio of the 'NO!' and WideAsleepFilm has edited it together with a copy of the scene. I think it's a crime against good cinema and something that shouldn't have been changed, but see for yourself.