Friday, June 03, 2011

Call Of Duty Elite and Pay Monthly Multiplayer

It happened, Activation will soon be charging a monthly fee for a higher tier multilayer experience in Call Of Duty. What you get is clan play, Facebook integration and gameplay stats. I would like to first pointout that clan play and stats was first supported in ye' olde Unreal Tournament from 1999. And people will pay for it.

The hardcore will stick it's nose in the air and say no, but the casual gamer, the gamer who is the primary demographic for Call Of Duty will pay for it because it will be sold as a premium multilayer experience. If it gets enough people playing it might even become a great multilayer game with, no screaming kids, always play with friends, competitive/comparative micro stats, great servers and continued developer support.

You might be saying 'no no no no no no', but it's here to stay. Just remember to cancel your account if yo try it for a bit and then stop playing.