Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Predictions For 2010 to 2020

I didn't do so bad on my iPad Prediction. I thought it was going to be an eReader device, but turned out to be Apple's entry into the table PC race. But this has given me a taste for predictions, so here are my predictions for the next ten years.
  • Telivision as we know it will still be around, but when someone thinks of watching television, it will be over the internet and the idea of scheduled broadcast will seem very old fashioned.

  • School pupils will not spend very much time with physical paper, instead they will use an electronic tablet device much like the iPad. The devices will be made by a variety of vendors, but be powered by Google.

  • There is will an international summit on plastic pollution. The result of this will be a fund to help countries clean up areas that create this kind of pollution.

  • Electric cars will be the only kind of vehicle the average consumer will buy.

  • Brain reading lie detection machines used in court to provide circumstantial evidence for the first time to US high profile murder trial, with someone who hasn't killed anybody yet.

  • In computing we will be using single chip computers that will be CPU, GPU and BIOS combined.

  • Football grounds and other events will be surveillanced with autonomous flying drones.

  • Ray traced graphics will have superseded rasterized graphics engines on all platforms.

  • The rich will be able to buy a ticket for a flight around the earth and moon.