Monday, December 14, 2009

F-Secure's The Cloud

F-Secure makers of fine anti virus softwares is going to be launching a new version of their DeepGuard modal that will use cloud computing to help protect user's systems.

What they are doing is an online signature database rather than a local one. This means that if your system encounters a new application or word macro, it can ask the cloud about it, the cloud will then tell your computer if it is safe, not or if it is something new. If it is new it can be scanned and a report sent to the cloud. The cloud will then inform all other computers asking about that application from then on. This sounds like a good idea around large signature updates that only arrive several days after the virus has already gained a foothold, but for people who are using poor, overloaded or intermittent internet connections I am not convinced. At least the video was nice.