Sunday, September 20, 2009

High Praise For Windows 7

I have been using Win7 for a few months now, first on a few virtual machines, then the beta on my laptop, and when it was released, the RTM on my work machine. My main system is waiting for the retail release, but it will be getting the W7 treatment in November. I love Windows 7, it is the operating system I have waited my whole Windows OS life for. It is the OS that Vista should have been and the OS that XP tried to be. It is stable, fast, feature filled and after a format I find myself reinstalling very few applications.

Maximum PC did a Full Windows 7 Review last month and I think their final thoughts sums it up quite well:
Moral objections to product activation aside, Windows 7 is unquestionably the best version of Windows that Microsoft has ever released, and is the true successor to Windows XP. If you’re an enthusiast or power user, Windows 7 is well worth your money, whether for an upgrade today or on your next new machine.

I even love the Microsoft advertising; yes MS PR did something I liked for a change.