Monday, September 28, 2009

Boba Fett Hoodie

Occasionally I have seen people on the interwebs wearing a Boba Fett Hoodie. These are media types who probably got given one and this kind of stuff is normally very limited edition, but it has been playing on my mind because I really want one.

So I have been searching for a few weeks now (intermittently, not constantly) and discovered that the Official Star Wars Store Has A Preorder For Them! OMG!!!

Plus postage they are a little expensive. So I have to ask myself, does it meet the Brook critique of purchasability?

+ Item is a silent reference to a much loved franchise.
+ Item does not have text, so people won't stand in front of me and read my shirt, ask to read my shirt or read aloud what I already know to be written on my shirt (this all annoys me).
+ Not buying item will mean I will deeply regret it for the rest of my life as another item that got away. I might even dream about wearing it only to awaken not ever having touched it.

- Tis expensive.
- It might not fit when it arrives.

And then I am like 'can I find photos on the web of people wearing it?'

Yes, YES, and YES! (NSFW). So each time it looks awesome and kind of scruffy lookin'
So did I buy it? Hell YES!
I might post photos come November.