Sunday, October 21, 2007

Five Free HD DVDs and Something To Think About

If you buy (or have bought) a UK XBox360 HD DVD Drive between 1/10/07 and 29/2/08 then you can get Microsoft to send you five free HD DVDs.

All you need is the barcode from the box the drive comes in, a receipt or invoice and This Form from the Microsoft Promotion Page.

The choice of DVDs for this kind of offer is quite good:

The Chronicles of Riddick
Children of Men
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Full Metal Jacket
Corpse Bride
The Prestige
Black Rain
World Trade Center

This time last month however Engadget Posted A Rumour about an improved HD DVD drive coming in 2008 with enhanced features. I don't think these extra features will make watching a HD film much better than it already is, but it is something to think about if you believe that the drive looks ugly.

P.S. If you do get a HD Drive and HD Screen connected to your 360, don't forget about the switch on the back of the 360 to change the output signal to HD.