Friday, August 17, 2007

Harry Potter Series (Completed)

I haven't actually read the whole Harry Potter series as I find it easier to go through books of that magnitude in audio format with a narrator doing funny voices for all the different characters. That is to say books that I am not prepared to read, but really do want to read. Anyway having finished the series I thought I might give some retrospective.

JK does an excellent job of creating a consistent feeling of anticipation for what is coming in the story. There is always something going on in a chapter that keeps the reader going, not to mention all the secrets in the series. And unlike some murder mystery writers who leave it up until the final chapter to decide who the killer was, JK has peppered the whole series with little nuggets that forward and backwards references very nicely, which means new discoveries can be had on the reader's part from a second reading of the series.

My only issue with the whole series is with the last book. Through the series each book has the Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher take some special place in each book's plot and no teacher holds the post for more than a year, but in the final book the post is only mentioned. This shouldn't have bothered me, but it did. It also bothered me that we never discover wither Harry graduated from Hogwarts, wither Harry fulfilled his interesting in becoming an Auror or what happened to a few of the characters. So although I deeply enjoyed the series, it left me feeling a little confunded as it didn't offer as much closure as I would have liked. That all being said it is an excellent series and something in me says that we haven't seen the last of the Harry Potter Universe just yet.