Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fiction Plane

I have loads to blog about, but with a thirty hour a week job to goto now (still on trial) I have been struggling to use my time correctly. Not that I bother with such things as television or cleaning, but while listening to a recent episode of Digital Flotsam (awesome podcast if you don't mind months passing between episodes) titled 'Isn't Life A Dream', where PW talks about the Police, he plays some Police (the band) and some Fiction Plane. That being Joe Sumner's band (that's Sting's son). This surprised me as I didn't know he had a son that was into recording music.

I never got on with the Police's music, I recognise the awesome playing talent, I love Sting's singing (as well as his acting), but the music somehow never connected with me. Yet Fiction Plane who you can listen to on their MySpace Page connects with me. And I think it has something to do with the fact that their style although very Police influenced is a harder rock style than the Police's. So I would highly recommend checking them out, if you like rock that is.