Friday, July 06, 2007

Peter Moore Says Three Year Warranty For All

If you have been reading the news you will have probably read that Microsoft is implementing a three year warranty (from date of purchase) for all XBox360 consoles.
But as a little surprise Major Nelson has sat down with Peter Moore and done A Short Nine Minuet Podcast (Direct Link) on the issue to get the word direct from the top.

Obviously this has been a big issue for Microsoft as any decision around extending the warranty is going to cost them a lot of money, but this is only for the Three Red Lights-O-Death so if your drive tray is broken, then this new warranty won't cover it. He also says that anybody who paid out of warranty before who would be covered now, will be sent a refund which is awesome. And then Larry asked him about the E3 Keynote, which apparently will be held outside this year. So good news all around.