Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Crackdown Content This Week or Next

As if Crackdown wasn't a good purchase anyway Major Nelson has a list of stuff that is going to be added for download this week or next. Below I have just given a brief overview of what is being added, if you want a detailed look then I suggest you have a look at Major's Post.

With the free content comes the missing 100 Achievement points that where missing from Crackdown's retail release and an additional 40. Meaning that with the free downloadable content you can now get a total of 1040 achievement points from Crackdown.
If you play co-op with someone who has bought the premium content, you can play with some of the premium content and get an additional 40 points from them that you can't get from the free content, but if you actually buy the premium content yourself then you can get 210 additional points from playing with the new stuff. Meaning a game with the premium content has a maximum of 1350 achievement points up for grabs.

  • Game Update (Free)

    In the game update there is a new game mode where you can play from the start of the game with all the gang bosses in place. The update also improves the camera, targeting, controls, mine lifespan, ramp truck interaction and graphics view range.

    The improvement with the ramp truck probably means that it is now possible to go over the thing in the supercar.

  • Free For All (Free)

    Keys to the City

  • Getting Busy (800 Points)

    New Equipment

    Street Racing

    Game types