Monday, May 14, 2007

Closed Minded Unintelligent Christians

A lot of the time when I think of Christians I think of closed minded people who live in their own fantasy world to comfort themselves against the harshness of life. I know this is notion is wrong, but I had this enforced when I watched the Atheist edition of 30 Days a few months ago where an Atheist went to live with a Christian family for 30 Days. Normally when this happens on UK television there are a few arguments and the stay is cut short, but I found 30 Days to different because both Atheist and Christian family actively explored each other's beliefs. However fifteen minuets into the show there is a Bible Study meeting where one of the Christian's asks Brenda (the Atheist):
What credentials, documents or whatever do you base your lifestyle on?
I was a little surprised by this question as the answer is obviously that Atheists base their life chooses primarily on their knowledge and past experiences. For example killing is wrong for an Atheist not because it says so in a text, but because it robs someone of their life, hurts the people emotionally that knew that person when they where alive, is unnecessary as all problems can be worked out without resorting to violence and there are harsh consequences for the killer if the law finds out.

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In the several months that have past since I watched this episode of 30 Days I have noticed several Christians on YouTube ask this same question several times and Albert (who is an Atheist) has kindly put together quite a nice video responding to that question with what he believes.

I know Albert is right when he says that a minority of Atheists automatically regard theists as unintelligent, but it doesn't help that there are Christians willing to reinforce this viewpoint, like this woman that went on Wife Swap: