Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My XBox360 Died

This is one of those things that happens to other people. I was fully aware that there was a severe TRLOD (Three Red Lights of Death) manufacturing issue with 360s that where produced in 2005, but mine was March 2006 so I thought I was safe. I thought that I would never have a technical problem or ever see the red LEDs in the front panel working. But those other people that this happens to, is now me!!!

A few weeks ago we had a slight power outage while I was playing Geometry Wars and when my 360 started again I seen the dreaded TRLOD. After a restart all was well, but now all I can see is the TRLOD.

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Not liking my XBox looking like a Cylon I through it was best to Call Support and get it fixed no matter how much it was going to coast me, I want to play Geometry Wars again (plus I have Guitar Hero II on the way). Fortunately as it turns out I still have four days left on my Warranty so it isn't going to cost me anything. I have heard of people being just over the Warranty period, but I was just under and this makes me feel very fortunate.

I have had to package everything myself which cost me some money when I bought the packaging, but UPS is picking it up tomorrow and I should have it back in three weeks, so all is well I guess.