Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joe is Japanese

Japan is a nation of tolerance, dignity, respect for elders, keeping ties with old friends, low rates of crime, a deep love for nature, and sometimes the strangest cultural intolerances or misunderstandings you will ever encounter. And this is kind of what Joe is Japanese an Anime by independent studio Humoring the Fates is about being halfu (half Japanese) and the kinds of things that are caused by it all because you live in Japan.

There is a Clip from Episode One up on the Page which looks stunning, but what happens in it is just one of those things you can only describe as a halfu-moment.

I am VERY much looking forward to Joe is Japanese, but something strikes me as a little odd. Joe McCunney is half Japanese and half Irish, yet like a lot of English speaking people in Japan speaks with an American accent. Being half Irish, one would assume he would speak with a slight Irish accent or maybe that is just me. No idea when or where it is coming out, but if it is as good as it looks I am sure we will be hearing from it again.