Monday, April 16, 2007

Answer to Pascal’s Wager

So there is this thing called Pascal's Wager by a French guy named Blaise Pascal who essentially said that it is better to worship God because if he exists you go to Heaven. Where as if you don't worship him and he exists you go to hell. I am not sure if god would let phony worshippers into Heaven, but Pascal does pose an interesting point as if God doesn't exist then wither you worship him or not makes no real difference.

My issue with this has always been with by which religion to worship him with, as there are many religions to choose from all stating that they have the correct method. Obviously if God cared which worshipping method he preferred he would say. So I take his continued silence as a message that simply by trying to live my life the best way I can as an ok from him. Obviously if he was to tell me which method he preferred I would dually follow his devine instructions.

Anyway I just read the Atheist's Wager and that puts the whole thing in much better terms that what I can. Pascal's Wager falls down on scrutiny because he ignores the fact that there are multiple religions. Still I would encourage you to read the wonderfully written Atheist's Wager or at the very least the final paragraph.