Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sony Copies Both Second Life and Microsoft in One Package

Sony has this Second Life clone coming out called 'Home' which looks better than what Second Life does, but without the user created content aspects of Second Life. You can watch the presentation trailer below, but the thing that caught my attention is the ability to gain objects in Home by completing set objectives in games. So say kill 100 guys in Warhawk and you get a Warhawk trophy. This is just XBox Live Achievements by the backdoor, but they need to do it by the frontdoor because at the moment if a game I want is launched on all platforms I will either buy it for the PC because it will be the cheapest version, or the 360 version because of the achievement points. Obviously Sony wants to do something similar to Achievements, but this backdoor approach is half hearted and I don't think it will help their position at all.