Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A lot of people have been talking about World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade and I have learned a new word!

You know how there are those people who for some reason when they are playing games feel they have to have a bottle next to their computer to wee in because they can't bare to walk away from their computer to go the toilet. And I have been there, I have considered on a few occasions using something like that just to avoid a bathroom break, but I won't permit myself to cross that line and I know that if I am quick the whole operation can be done in less than a minuet or less if I don't mind a little bit of leakage (that's a joke), but what to do if you need to take a crap!?

Well it turns out that a few players have started to keep next to their empty bottles, a sock. Thus the term poopsocking. I pitty anybody who actually does that because there might be some people like truck drivers that have to pee in a bottle to keep on schedule or maybe if you where lost in a really big house and couldn't find a bathroom you might resort to that, but pooing in a sock is just unforgivable, anybody with any decency would would just say sorry to whoever they are playing with because they have to poo or at least use a bucket, have a little class people.