Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone Delightful, but Missing One Feature

So I finished watching the Apple Presentation where Steve unveiled the iPhone and I was concerned that they wouldn't have the multi-touch LCD that devices needed to make a screen keyboards really work, but they have, so I think indeed they are five years ahead of everybody else, but where is the built-in GPS!?

There is a section of the iPhone presentation where Steve is showing the web browsing and Google Maps feature, which means that the phone has not just England's citys and roads (like my TomTom-GPS has), but the whole WORLD! And it can tell you where all the Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger Kings, Hospitals, Taxi Companies, Cinemas etc are in relation to wherever you are viewing and tell you their phone numbers, so you can phone them up wherever you are (quite a useful feature to have on a phone I think you will agree). BUT! The phone doesn't know where IT, IS, because it doesn't have built-in GPS. I am sure Apple will fix this slight issue in the next version, but for me I want GPS in my phone because that means that I will never ever have to face the minor inconvenience of being lost ever again.

Nodought Apple's competitors in the form of Nokia and Sony Ericsson will try and get there first, but I do believe the iPhone is indeed one of those Milestone devices in history. And is yet another device that is better than it was envisioned in Star Trek as looking at it now the DataPad looks old.

And I will happily buy one, when it supports GPS or Better.