Friday, November 17, 2006

PlayStation 3 Launches in the US for MAXIMUM DANAGE!

I like the way Panney Arcade has put the US launch. But the idea of being left-out in the cold I think, is very symbolic of how Sony is treating the hardcore gamer in general. Although I do not believe that most of the people waiting in line are hardcore gamers, but instead normal consumer whores who will buy into any hyped product. I think most hardcore gamers going going to wait until early 2007 to get one or have already bought one off of Amazon months ago.

Gamasutra asked a shit load of developers Are You Buying a Wii or PS3, needless to say the vast majority say Wii and then give a slight jab at Sony's PS3 strategy/attitude.

Here is just one of the launch line interview videos:

And to be a bit more optimistic here is a launch that did go well: