Sunday, November 12, 2006

PlayStation 3 Launched in Japan and Resistance Fall of Man Reviewed Good

The PS3 has launched in Japan with the usual flair of Scalpers and Disorder, god help anybody queueing to buy one in the US on the 19th. Since the Wii is launched on the same day I suspect that will make things worse. Still the first guy in the world to buy a PS3 was Chinese, didn't speak Japanese, didn't buy any-games with his PS3 and was seen exchanging it for money just down the road, probably to some Japanese guy who will sell it for a big profit eBay.

Anyway Resistance Fall of Man according to IGN who has both a ">Written Review and Video Review is a killer app that is worth buying a PS3 for. Maybe they where drugged or maybe they have forgotten how much the PS3 costs, but IGN said they liked it and the 40 person multiplayer is sweet. I am a little-bit surprised by that because it looks just like any-other WW2 FPS, but with Aliens instead of Nazis.