Saturday, November 18, 2006


I seen this earlier on a few news sites, but now a Video is up on the PC Gamer Videocast Site. And this whole thing kind of validates for me what I was saying earlier about the PS3 buying line waiter not being hardcore gamers.

Essentially what happened is PC Gamer went to a PS3 launch event (Phil Harrison was there, have met him, he is extremely tall) and asked everybody who was in line positions guaranteed to get a PS3, if they would step out of line, sign a contract saying they would not own a PS3 and all in return receive a $7,500 kick ass computer for free.

The spec on this monster:
CPU: ?? (must have been a Dual or Intel Quad Extreme)
Video Card: Two SLI'ed Nvidia 8800GTX's with 768MB RAM (this is the worlds first retail DirectX10 compatible card, only came out a few days ago and only currently available in the US)
Case: Custom green flame design (I think this is a plus)

None of the people they talked to seemed to understand the enormity of what they where being offered and certainly none of them looked like PC gamers. None of them even bat an eyelid when the guy told them that the system had 2GB of RAM over the PS3's 256MB. Maybe he should have said 2,048MB Vs 256MB or eight times more memory. Well ok the PS3 shares it's memory between the CPU and GPU so technically the system has 2,816MB RAM in total, but needless to say anybody who turned the offer down was a fool or didn't understand what was being offered.

Personally I would be like "Hell yes, my system is four years old and I need an upgrade". Which is downplaying the whole thing because this is the most powerful personal computer money can buy, and you can't even build this thing without importing parts from the US. Plus it's 100% vista compatible and should run Crysis at a very high framerate with everything turned on.