Saturday, October 28, 2006


Some comments have been made and Dick Cheney implied that the US was involved in Warterboarding which is a method of torture where the subject believes they are drowning but without permanent physical damage being left. If you want to know more about it watch This Video which has someone volunteer to be waterboarded.

The US is conducting this at detention centres. Now to put this into historical context in 1606 when Guy Fawks was found in a basement under the Houses of Parliament with loads of gunpowder after a tipoff. He refused to name his co-conspirators. The information was eventually given by him after he was tortured, but for that to happen in 1606 the King had to sign a special decree. In the US however this is going on right now without the president giving an express order. This is wrong and barbaric how superior the US claims to be and how low the reality is.