Monday, October 09, 2006

Regional Advertising

When the XBox360 was launched in Japan Microsoft had the Rolling Stones do a few commercials for them, but that didn't seem to connect with the Japanese Gamers. After learning their lesson they launched the DODODO AD Campaign which certainly has the WTF! factor from a western point of view so for the Japanese that is probably a good thing. The ADs uses some pop band that is supposedly very popular in Japan at the mo and is certainly seems centred for a Japanese audience which is what was missing from their first round of advertisements.

Microsoft has now done a similar thing with other regions like France with their Without Wires AD Campaign which reminds me of a few Jean-Pierre Jeunet's films who is also French so that is probably a good thing.

And the WTF! factor is also present in the Indian AD Campaign which just like Indian cinema is full of singing, dancing and not much else. Maybe they should add a love story to the ADs.

I hope to see more regional advertisement in the future because these are funny.