Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not Learning C# (I gave up)

I have had this C# book sitting next to me for the last few weeks and I haven't read any of it. The only reason why I want to learn C# is not because I want to learn C#, but because I want to use the XNA Framework. Last week I herd some rumblings that VB is coming to XNA and that the XNA Team chose C# has their initial supported language because of it's potential commercial adoption rate and the design changes that would need to be worked out in order to achieve C#'s unmanaged data types. I might still learn C# in the future or read the first two chapters of this book out of interest, but I am just not interested in writing programs in C#. I write code much slower in C# and not just because I am new to the language, the code doesn't flow from my hands to the screen like I would want it to. And that is mainly because of the weaker Intellisense support, poor code auto-formatting, curly braces and explicit data conversion.

So anyway this is a trait of mine that shows I am very selfish with my learning because unless I can actually use and see applications of me using something, I won't learn it. Another example of this is that I don't know how to connect to a database because I find storing data in text files to be sufficient. So sorry C# lovers, but i find VB to me more than sufficient for anything I wish to write today, tomorrow and probably for many years to come.