Sunday, October 22, 2006

Michael J. Fox Has Parkinson's!!!

I didn't know, but Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's.

So anyway there is this video on YouTube (Below) of him talking about the need for America to stop banning research into Stem Cells which could offer a cure to Parkinson's.

And then there is this guy (Below) who is against Stem Cell research because it is taking away human dignity. For some reason he doesn't say it's a sin or killing, but he does seem to think that banning research will save Human dignity. And that makes me wonder if he has ever met anybody with Parkinson's or wither he is just some guy who is opposed, but unaffected by the issue.

At the moment the leaders in Stem Cell research is Europe and Asia, but America has a lot of well funded Universities who are the ones that make a lot of those first discoveries that then in later years are picked up by big pharmaceutical companies and turned into cures. So America can and they should do this research. Those embryos are human embryos, but are not yet people. I understand that by using them for experimentation they will never become people and it is probably somekind of crime for depriving them of that, but this research can benefit so many people it seems unethical not to try.