Thursday, October 19, 2006

CS:S Hitboxes Suck

I seen this video (above) earlier and was a littlebit shocked because it seems like a stupid thing for a game to do, but this would explain all those occasions where I have been shooting at someone and they haven't gotten injured. You know those occasions where you unload three shotgun shells at them, then they unload one at you and YOU die.

Anyway I just booted up SC:S and had a look for myself. Sure enough what I have just seen in the game for myself is exactly what is shown in the video. But the author says things have been fixed now and looking at the video comments suggest that this currently only effects offline botplay, so I am going to have a go at a few multiplayer matches, right now.

Additional: So I just finished playing a real multiplayer game instead of one against bots and ye the problem seems sorted, I fire directly at someone and blood spurts out of them. Still something that has always bothered me is the scoring, as I killed a few people and didn't have any points added to my score, but whatever.