Friday, August 18, 2006

Learning C#

Have started learning C# so that hopefully by the 30th I can do some stuff in XNA. I don't expect by then to be as good in C# as I am in VB and I have no idea what new paradigms I will need to learn to use XNA, but by the time the Beta comes out I should be able to explore it a little. Maybe even complete the tutorials that come in the documentation, if any.

For learning C# I have bought Inside C# which assumes the reader can already program some C, C++ or Java. I can't so have started off with some beginner videos over at and I completely forgot how good that site is. I started off by doing a console application and I then realised that I haven't ever done a .Net console application before because in VB you traditionally start by programming forms.

It's going to get some getting used to, but I think I might like C# a lot.