Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Internet Trouble

My ISP Wanadoo got bought by Orange and things where good for a time, but then they tried moving me over to some new servers and that stopped me from being able to access a load of websites including:

Which I use daily so I was fairly annoyed, but I thought I would give them a few hours to get it sorted. However after a week it has become a right pain so I went looking for a solution on I knew at this time that it was a DNS issue, but wanted to see what other people where doing to fix it.

My thoughts where towards setting up a local DNS server, but someone pointed to OpenDNS a project that speeds up DNS access, blocks phishing sites and corrects misspelled URLs. They make profit from placing adverts on a page when you request a site address that doesn't exist.

This thing is SO much faster. MySpace (which is the site they say people will notice the most difference on) loads almost instantly. DNS lookup is loads faster. So even when Orange sort this problem out I will be sticking with OpenDNS.