Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Reason To Stay Up

I WAS going to go bed, but I just checked my email and got my Battlefield 2142 Beta Key!

Been reading the Licence Agreement (hay it's a 1.2GB download) and the Confidentiality Agreement stops me from posting screenshots:
(ii) you will not use the Beta-Test Materials for any purpose other than for Evaluation

(iv) you will carry out the Evaluation personally and will not provide access to the Beta-Test Materials to any other person
So although subsection two alone doesn't say anything about not publicly evaluating the beta by posting details here, subsection four stops me from doing that. And there is another part that says I can only review the beta material for the purposes of evaluating the product as part of the beta program which means I can't say anything about it here either. Darn those lawyers, they think of everything.