Saturday, July 15, 2006


It's going to take about two hours to transfer all the photos and videos from my phone so I think I will leave it running over night tonight. Otherwise it ties up my computer and I got Prey to play.

I heard about the XBox Live Arcade Wednesdays which means that every Wednesday at 8:00pm (GMT) a new game will appear on arcade. Not sure if this will continue past the schedule they have released, but currently for the next few weeks it looks like this:

Frogger (out now)
Cloning Clyde (19th July)
Galaga (26th July)
Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting (2nd August)
Pacman (9th August)

This is excellent news obviously. I downloaded Frogger and it's good, but the controls need to be better. Currently they are using the squishy D-pad to control Frogger and this can't be reassigned. I want to be able to use the A button to move Frogger forwards.
Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting, is the SF version that first allowed players to change character mid-match and perform special moves in mid-air.