Saturday, July 22, 2006

Religion Vs The World

So I just watched This Video of some woman ranting about the current conflicts in the world with Muslims. She is saying that the current conflicts are conflicts between modern society and Islam, which teaches that all unbelievers must be fought until all are believers. She says that the conflicts are being fuelled by calls for Muslims to rise up against none believers and Takfir (Muslims who no-longer believe).

She then talks about how the Jews did not take revenge after world war 2 and how the Buddhists did not take revenge on Muslims when they turned three Buddha statues into rubble. So why must Muslims defend their beliefs by burning Churches and destroying Embassies. Although I don't understand most of the religious aspects of these conflicts I know that there is no reason to fight and that she is speaking the language of peace which all of us have inside each and every one of us. Conflict is wrong so the instigators of conflict are also wrong, and I am not talking about instigating as in name calling, I am talking about acts of violence. Shooting someone in the head for something they said is not justified. Things get a little hazy when it comes to shooting someone in the head for something they might do, but the world isn't about Right vs Wrong, it's about people and society.